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 Go Shopping for Collaborators!

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Go Shopping for Collaborators! Empty
PostSubject: Go Shopping for Collaborators!   Go Shopping for Collaborators! I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 23, 2012 8:57 pm

Yes, this is a shop where you get... ART SLAVESPEOPLES!
So: post here if you're looking for someone to collab with here and you'll get matched up with a random user! Or post if you want to collab with someone on the list! Then combine ideas you came up with and draw something completely new! After you finish the artwork or literature or whatever else you did, just PM the image to me and I'll post it here, like a gallery of sorts! Very Happy
You'll receive a PM when I find a match! Then off you go, working away! Occasionally I'll hold small deadlines for those motivationally-deprived people to work towards. Remember, you have to work hard! Then, when you're done, rate your collaborator! How well did they do?
0=My partner didn't work at all! I did everything on my own. *sniff*
1=My partner threw in a few ideas, but that was about it.
2=My partner did almost no work, but still participated a little.
3=My partner did some work.
4=My partner did all of the work he or she was supposed to complete!
5=My partner did all of the work he or she was supposed to complete AND THEN SOME~! DESUUUU~! And the work was super-pretty too~

Rate yourself: how good are you?
0=I can't even draw a straight line
1=My skills are at primitive level
2=I'm kinda good, but I have a long way ahead of me
3=I'm good, but I still have a lot of room for improvement
4=My skills are excellent and I produce near-perfect work
5=I cannot possibly improve any further and I have reached the end of my art journey!

What's your collab platform?
Writing (What kind? Poem, story or short story, mixed, play, etc.)
Flash animation
3D animation
Code (What kind? HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc.)
Drawing (Traditional or digital?)

What platform do you work on?
Gaming device (Which one?)
Something else I haven't listed? o-o


[b]Skill level[/b]:
[b]What do you want to draw/write about[/b]?
[b]Platform of Collaboration[/b]:
[b]Actual Platform You Work On[/b]:
[b]What kind of platform do you want your fellow collaborator to work on[/b]?
[b]What software do you use[/b]?

We're looking to collab with someone!:
1. Sadly, no one wants to collab right now. Especially not with YOU.
(You: *forever alone* *criiieees*)
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Go Shopping for Collaborators!
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