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 Before you begin a club!

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Before you begin a club! Empty
PostSubject: Before you begin a club!   Before you begin a club! I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 30, 2012 5:54 pm

Do you have an idea for a group or club? This is the place to start one ^_^~

Like a Star @ heavenBEFORE Starting a club:Like a Star @ heaven
- Make sure there isn't already a club in existance that is doing similar things to what YOU want to do. If you can collaborate with an owner of a club that already exists, you will end up making that club more popular and successful with your combined efforts.
- Request deletion of any clubs you have made in the past that you no longer wish to continue.
- If your club idea is too simple or not fleshed out enough, it is more likely to get rejected.
- If your idea is just a 'fan club' for something very limited (like a certain tier group for instance) it MIGHT be better to simply distribute buttons about the fan-topic in the art section instead of making a whole club about it.

Each club will be

How to start a club:
- PM an admin with your club's proposal (see form)
- create your club thread ONLY if you get it approved by the admins.
- Within a day or 2, you should have an admin seal on the OP showing everyone that it was approved.
- Update your club thread regularly (at LEAST once a month) with events, and new members!
- only 1 club thread per user (unless stated .-.)

Tourney and Contest Rules:
1)All Contests and Tournaments have to be posted within the member section of the indie category. (Thus freeing up pages of posts)
2)Each club will be assigned a prefix when starting a club, that prefix must be posted in the topic bar when doing a contest/tournament.
3) Since you already got approval by the admins to start a club, you don't need our approval to start a tourney/club, we just ask to put your prefix within your topic.

Ideas for clubs:
- Hold your own contests!
------- Art, video, photo, writing, graphic contests/critiques
------- Pokémon battles or tournaments
------- Other online video game get-togethers or tournaments
------ Speed run or high score contests for single player games
- Give out prizes/badges for participation
- Unite people with a unique interest!
- Make buttons and banners that people can put in their profiles or signatures
- Tell people about your club by word of mouth to make it more popular
- Advertise your club on another site or blog to get more people involved
- Give titles or ranks to people who contribute to your club!
- Share links/videos/images with each other relevant to the club theme

Quote :
Proposal Form:
Club/Organization Name:
Club theme (what is the club for?):
What activities or contests do you have in mind? (at least 3 ideas please):
Anything else you'd like to include?:

Any questions or suggestion? Post here!
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Before you begin a club!
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