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 Guidelines For Starting Your Own Tournament

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PostSubject: Guidelines For Starting Your Own Tournament   Fri Aug 31, 2012 3:05 am

These guidelines must be followed in order for members to start their own Tournament.

#1. If you are the owner of a member club, your club tournaments must be posted in this section. (If your club does any) Please put your prefix code in the title of the OP so that Admins know it is an "Approved Club"

#2. After the OP has been made, the host must wait to start the tournament until they receive the "Approval Seal"

#3. The Admins will review the OP and either approve it or disprove it. If approved an "Admin Approval Seal" will be stamped on the OP.

#4. If the OP has the "Approval Seal" stamped on it, these means the event was approved and it is OK to continue the event.

#5. If the tournament is started without the "Approval Seal" the tournament post will be removed and the host will receive a warning penalty.

#6. Attempting to fake an "Approval Seal" or use one without the Admins authorization, will result in disciplinary action.

#7. Member Clubs that have already been approved by an Admin do not need to wait for an approval on their tournaments in this section.

#8. If your tournament is good enough, the Admins may turn it into an "Official Tournament"

#9. In the event that your tournament becomes an "Official" one, it must comply with the Official Tournament Guidelines.

If you are confused about any of these rules, because you probably are, please ask questions.

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Guidelines For Starting Your Own Tournament
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