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 TF2 Fav classes?

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DL Knight
DL Knight

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PostSubject: TF2 Fav classes?   Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:06 pm

Since it seems like a majority of the people here play tf2, what classes do you use most? Which ones are you the best at and why? What's your load out look like? WHATS YOUR FAV HAT?

...and all of those kinds of things :3

For me, I definitely main medic. But when it comes to MvM, I actually like being a very active Engi that doesn't just stay by the buildings the whole time. I usually put quite a few points into my hand gun or shot gun. After that, it'd have to be heavy. It's just too fun to take out swarms of scouts...watching them drop like flies D< I don't really make use of my gloves however, which could be bad ><;

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Advance Gamer

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PostSubject: Re: TF2 Fav classes?   Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:03 pm

I main Soldier, using my Strange Liberty Launcher with Gunboats and my Strange Equalizer.

My second main is Sniper. I've racked up my top kills with the Sniper and I mainly use the Hitman's Heatmaker with the Cleaner's Carbine and Bushwacka.

My third main is the Pyro. I use my Degreaser and Axetinguisher always, but I switch up my secondary weapon b/t the Shotgun, the Scorch Shot, and my Strange Detonator.

My favorite hat is my Genuine Robot Chicken Hat, although I don't have many hats. v-v
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Avid Trainer

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PostSubject: Re: TF2 Fav classes?   Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:33 pm

My fav classes right now would be Pyro, Demo and Hoovy.<3

On Pyro I run Degreaser, Flaregun/Shotgun and Homewrecker. I've been meaning to try and learn how to Detonator jump, but i've never really gotten to it! :< But who cares about weapons? It's all about the HATS. I have the Pyromancer's Mask, Russian Rocketeer (I bought Awesomenaughts just for this and the Sniper hat) and Deus Specs. I'm going to be trying to get a Genuine Maul (8 keys is a scary price though :S), Sight for Soar Eyes and an Unusual Pyromancer's to complete this set! c:

On Demo I run Loch-n-Load, Stickybomb Launcher and the almighty Frying Pan. The hat I use alternated between the Glengarry Bonnet and the Point and Shoot depending on the mood I am in at that particular moment! My Misc. are Deus Specs/ Dangeresque. Too? and Bird-Man of Aberdeen.

On Hoovy I run the Minigun, Sandvich and Holiday Punch. (My buddy bought it for me when the Salvaged just came out, but S. Holiday Punch is still best weapon :3) The hat is the Gym Rat and the miscs are Deus Specs and Apparatchik's Apparel.

Best hat is Gibus, shortly followed by Point and Shoot.
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Team Rocket
Team Rocket

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PostSubject: Re: TF2 Fav classes?   Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:55 pm

I suck at TF2, but I mostly use Engineer, Soldier, and Medic.
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Amazing Archer
Amazing Archer

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PostSubject: Re: TF2 Fav classes?   Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:48 am

I've only played like once or twice but I really like Demoman. Why? Because boom.
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PostSubject: Re: TF2 Fav classes?   Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:35 am

I'll go Soldier or Spy on capture flag
Pyro, Engi or soldier on capture point
Heavy/Engi on Payload race

I usually go Engi on mvm since no one else does for some reason, because of that I'm kind of pro at it 8-)
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PostSubject: Re: TF2 Fav classes?   Wed Sep 05, 2012 5:04 am

I mainly use the Heavy for all multiplayer modes. I want to learn to use the Sniper, because I honestly like the character design, and I occasionally use the Engineer or Spy. But, nine times out of ten, it's Heavy Weapons Guy.

For Mann vs. Machine, I usually run Engineer, though I've been using the Scout quite often recently. Crit-a-Cola, Ubercharge canteens, Frying Pan... That usually helps go through a tank like crap through a goose. Fan-O-War seems to be getting quite a bit of use, though, even if it is because you guys insisted on it. <_<;
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PostSubject: Re: TF2 Fav classes?   

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TF2 Fav classes?
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